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How to Look Amazing in your Workwear

We spend days, weeks, and even months choosing the right apparel for night outs or what to wear during family occasions. Then when it comes to choosing workwear, everyone is confused about the type of attire to dress. Dressing for work does not deter you from leaving your style and fashion at home. Your work apparels are a fundamental part of your unique professionalism, allowing you to have a distinct impression. The trick of workwear is to strike a balance between your unique appearance without attracting side-eyes from your colleagues or boss. Stop spending a fortune looking for clothes to wear to work or an interview. 

Facing challenges choosing your workwear? Listen carefully. We are here to provide you with a perfect guide to have stylish workwear for both women and men. Your workwear should depict a formal look in a professional workplace. Men can wear a suit with a button-down shirt accompanied by a tie. On the other hand, women can dress in a pantsuit or powersuit, blazer, coat and knee-length skirts. Please note that your suits must be fitting but not too tight. We advise men to accompany their workwear with a statement piece like a watch and a fitting pair of shoes. Women can wear jewellery, watch and have their nails and lips perfectly done. Women wearing heels must choose closed ones shorter than three inches.  

How do I dress in a formal business setting? Business formal settings include award events or benefit dinners. We advise that women wear a dark coloured skirt dress or suit. On certain occasions, a long evening dress might work. Shoes such as loafers, formal flats and heels with a length of three or shorter are appropriate. In a formal business place, men should wear a dark suit with a light button-down shirt with a tie. Shoes should include oxford that matches the colour of the suit. I am confused about what to wear in a business casual setting. Well, in a business casual environment, avoid wearing suits. Men can wear khakis, slacks, a polo shirt, and a sweater. Women can wear a pencil skirt, slacks, and a blazer. Choose professional closed shoes. We advise that you dress for business casuals on Fridays or to workplaces for creative industries. It is important to choose work clothes in conservative colours. We strongly advise against wearing ripped jeans. Keep in mind that your workwear portrays your personality.

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