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How to Choose the Right Wedding Guest Outfit

dress code, you will majorly choose your outfit. First of all, check the location of the event, is it on a beach or a ritzy hotel? Another important aspect is to familiarize yourself with the weather forecast for D-day. These two aspects are important in helping you choose the right guest wedding outfit. Check the invitation card or ask friends to find out the braid and groom colours. You do not want to buy a cloth that will make you be mistaken for the couple or something that might draw the attention away from them. Avoid wearing black or white; instead, go for other light, darker and neutral colours that do not attract attention. Women must avoid fancy outfits that reveal most parts of their body that might upstage the bride. Wear wedding guest outfits with see-through fabrics with caution to avoid drawing attention to you. Ladies, please remember to wear your undergarments to avoid a dreaded Marilyn Monroe Moment. 

We advise women to go for cocktail dresses, chic cocktail dresses, or a dress with a nice neckline. Do not forget to supplement your outfit with accessories and the right make-up for an appealing complexion. Pumps, oxfords, heels, or formal flats can be worn. Men remember you can never fail to make an impression and achieve comfort in a navy blazer, light colour, either blue button-down shirt, slacks, or khakis with oxfords that match your blazer or coat. Avoid wearing jeans. We are aware that most people think that jeans are almost acceptable at all events. Unless stated in the dress code, please keep away from them. Instead, choose slacks or khakis with a fancy t-shirt and coat. 

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